February 18, 2021


         THE SLEEPOVER 2
       By Hermes M

❗Warning- If you didn't read the first part, you'll not follow along with this sequence❗
              First part link : The Sleepover 1
    Two kids- Nelly and Ted, get invited to a sleepover by Harold. Nelly and Ted belong to the same family, they are sister and brother. They're not really that old, just around 11 years old. Harold is a friend of theirs. They've known each other since 3rd grade. 
The two siblings are are getting ready to leave and head off to Harold's house. Nelly bursts into Ted's room. 

"Hey, at least could you knock?!" exclaimed Ted.
"Who cares? I'm so excited! Are you?" asked Nelly. 
"Oh yeah, I forgot, yeah.." replied Ted.
"I sense doubt in you. You ok?" questioned Nelly.
"I'm fine.. it's just that I haven't really had been invited to a playdate for so long." answered Ted, scratching his head.
"Bro, it's ok. You're with me, no needa be worried." confirmed Nelly. 
"Oh well, if you say so." sighed Ted. 

“Welp, it’s time to go, we can’t be late!” exclaimed Nelly.

“Already? I’m not ready yet!” answered Ted.

“Oh well, I’ll wait in the car, but be fast!” said Nelly.

“Ok, I’ll try to.” answered Ted.

Nelly runs downstairs and tells her mom that they need to go, but Ted isn’t ready yet. After a few minutes Ted arrives and hops onto the car.

“Was I late?” he questioned.

“Doesn’t matter, let’s go!” shouted Nelly.

“You kids got everything?” asked their mom.

“Yes!” answered the kids.



“Okay, let me start the car, and we’ll be off and going.” said their mom.

“Bye dad!” shouted the kids. “See you later!”

“Bye kids, have a great time!” exclaimed their dad.

The car engine starts, but oddly shuts down.

“Uh oh, it seems as if the engine needs to be fixed.” says mom. 

Mom opens the door and exits the car. She calls her husband, to fix the car.

“Okay, it’s fixed, it should operate now.” exclaimed dad.

The engine starts, and they head to Harold’s home.

“Bye, bye dad!” said the children.

“See you tomorrow, kids.” said the father.

The family hops into the car again, and makes its way to Harold’s house. 

“Oh, I don’t want to be late!” worried Nelly.

“Me too, oh no!” exclaimed Ted.

“We’ll be there on time, I promise.” said mom.

After a few minutes of driving, they arrive to the sleepover party, and sees Harold waiting for them on the porch.

“Hi guys! What took you so long?” questioned Harold.

“Hey Harold! Sorry we were late, our car’s engine broke for a second.” answered Nelly.

“Oh it’s ok. I made some snacks while you were gone!” answered Harold.

“Thanks, we can’t wait to eat those delicious snacks!” exclaimed Nelly.

“Yeah, they must be yummy!” wished Ted.

“Well then let’s not waste time, come on in!” said Harold.

"Well, bye mom!" shouted Nelly and Ted.

"Have a great time!" exclaimed their mom.

The kids enter the house, and jumps onto the couch. 

“Wait, where are your parents?” asked Ted.

“Oh, they have to work overnight, till’ about 1 A.M. We pretty much have 3 hours of liberty!”

“Epic! What should we do first?” questioned Nelly. 

“I don’t know, play some games?” asked Ted.

“Yeah why not? Let’s play some tycoon games.” said Harold.

“Good idea! Let me get my iPad.” says Nelly.

Nelly reaches down her backpack and grabs her iPad.

“I got my phone, I can play here.” says Ted.

“So do I, so let’s get started!” exclaimed Harold.

1 hour later...

“That took long to master!” exclaimed Ted.

“I know right! Anyways, what should we do now?” questioned Nelly.

“Let’s have a snack feast!” shouted Harold.

“Why not? I’m so hungry!” mumbled Ted.

“Me too. Let’s go grab our snacks now, before we starve to death.” joked Nelly.

They went to the kitchen to grab their snacks, and devoured their snacks while watching TV.

“Mfh, so gwod” muffled Nelly.

“Ih noh wriet?” muffled Ted.

“Delicious!” said Harold.

“Yoh alwedy vineshed?” baffled Ted.

“What? I am seriously hungry.” responded Harold.

“Oh, that was good. I liked the chocolate chip cookies.

“Same. Anyways, what should we watch now?

"I don't know, a mo-?" answered Nelly


"A missing kid? That's weird." said Nelly.
"Yeah.. anyways, did you find a movie to watch yet?" questioned Ted.
"No not yet.. oh yeah! I remember I found a tape that was on the sidewalk. Maybe we can watch that?" exclaimed Harold.
"Good idea! Let's go put it on now!" said Nelly in an excited voice.
"Is it a scary movie..? I don't like those..." squeaks Ted.
"It's just a movie, it's not real." responded Nelly.
"Oh well, if you say so." said Ted.
"Ok, Let me go get the player." said Harold.

*She goes downstairs, and grabs the player. He brings it upstairs, and places it under the TV.*

"Ok, shush, it's starting!" exclaimed Nelly.
"Yay." gulped Ted.

*The movie starts, and the title shows 'I see you.'*

"Ehh.. is this really spooky?" questioned Nelly.
"Well, we'll see." responded Harold.
"Seriously, Ted? The movie didn't even start and you're hiding under the couch!" exclaimed Nelly.
"Heh heh, err, just to be prepared for any jump scares." chuckled Ted.
"Whatever..." sighed Nelly.

*1 hour and 40 minutes later...*

"BORING! Let's watch something else." demanded Nelly.
"That was the most scariest movie I've ever seen." said Harold. 
"S-same.." shuddered Ted.
"Alright, let's spend time wisely. We've only got 1 more hour left till my parents return. What should we do now?" questioned Harold.
"Oh, oh! Isn't your house really big?" said Nelly.
"Uhm, yes. What for?" responded Harold.
"Why don't we play hide n' seek?" answered Nelly.
"Yeah! That slunds exiciting, plus I'm good at it!" exclaimed Ted.
"Ah, so you're now cheered up? Anyways, who'll be it?" questioned Nelly.
"Let's do tic tac toe to see who'll lose and be the seeker." said Harold.
"Ok, starting now!" exclaimed Nelly.


"Aww, shucks. I suck as a seeker!" sighed Nelly.
"Well, you got no other choice." said Ted. 
"Count to 30 and try find us!" exclaimed Harold.
"Fine, whatever. I'm counting to 30, now. 1, 2, 3..." counted Nelly.

A few seconds later...

"Ready or not, here I come! shouted Nelly. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

Something zips past the hallway, a kind of dark shadowy figure.

"You can't hide from me! Don't think I didn't see you!" shouted Nelly.

She runs to where the shadowy figure had gone. She found no one. Then, almost immediately, the lights flickered and it became pure darkness.

"Stop it, Harold.. I know you're there!" she shouted.

She hurries to the door and goes to the other room, and she bumped into the boys. 

"You found us alre-" exclaimed Harold.
"Why did you flicker the lights, it scared the heck out of me!" shouted Nelly.
"Me? I didn't do that, probably Ted did..?"
"I didn't do it, that's for sure. I'm not going out of the creepy darkness! Who knows what lurks in there?" said Ted.
"But then.. who was I with when the lights flickered?" questioned Nelly.
"I don't know.. between, did you see a shadowy figure? I saw it go past the hallway, and go into the same room as where you were at." questioned Harold.
"What is going on?!" shouts Ted.
"I think.. probably someone broke into Harold's house..?" exclaimed Nelly.

The two boys look at each other. In a few seconds they laugh hysterically.

"It's not funny! Seriously, I have a bad feeling about this..." gulped Nelly. 

“I literally have cameras all over the house! It’s almost impossible to break in, with out making a noise.” exclaimed Harold.

“Almost? But-“ said Nelly.

“Stop fighting, no one broke in, no broken windows, case closed.” answered Ted.

“Whatever... let’s just go get some sleep.” sighed Nelly.

“Yeah, I’m tired..” exclaimed Harold.

They head to their rooms.

“Only two beds? That’s not fair!” protested Ted.

“Well, too bad.” said Nelly in a baby voice.

“Smh. Let me get my sleepover bag...” exclaimed Ted. 

Ted takes out his sleepover bag, and covers himself.

“Well, goodnight guys..” said Nelly.

“Night.” said Harold.

“Good.. night...” yawned Ted.

Harold turned the lights off. Soon it became pure darkness. A few hours later, it was 4 A.M.

“Agh!” shouted Ted.

“Ugh.. what? I’m trying to sleep here...” moaned Nelly.

“I had a nightmare... that's what woke me up..” said Ted.

“Just go back to sleep, it’s no-“ 

“Ahhh!” screamed Harold.

“What?!” shrieked Nelly.

“A nightmare awoke me, a pretty scary one.” shuddered Harold.

“What was it?” questioned Ted.

“It felt like it came from the movie...” murmured Harold.

“I had the same nightmare as you then... I regret watching that movie! No wonder it said ‘DO NOT WATCH’ in red. It even looked like blood!” shouted Ted.

“It’s probably some ketchup... go back to sleep now, please...” begged Nelly.

“Does that mean... it’s real?” questioned Harold.

“I don’t know... but I think it has something to do with that shado-“ answered Ted.

“Shadow! That’s it...” exclaimed Nelly.

The door creaks open a bit... 

"Eh? I thought I closed the door.. " exclaimed Harold. 

As he went to the door, he heard breathing... deep breathing.

"What the-" shrieked Harold. " I hear someone... or something breathing."

"YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE WATCHED IT... YOU'LL REGRET IT..." said the shadowy figure.

3 screams were heard out loud. Blood curling, deadly screams. Cops find a tap that marked: "DO NOT WATCH". And it seems... as if it were made of blood. Blood from the victims.

The end.