October 08, 2021

 - 1. "Disaster Desert" Capacul Island -

    One day, there was an island named "Capacul Island". Actually, it's original name was "Disaster Desert", since it got hit with many natural disasters that it literally became deserted by tornadoes, earthquakes, and much more. People used to rebuild houses every time a disaster hits. But soon after the attacks stopped decades ago. No one knows why, but now it's new name is "Capacul", no one talks about it's old name these days. There are not a lot of habitants on the island though, just about 10,000 people. At the end, no one really cares about the bad history of the island. They just like how it's paradise on Capacul Island now. It's quiet, and the neighbors are mostly friendly. The Island was finally normal. But little did everyone know, it was going to get loud. 🔊💥

- 2. Deadly Disastrous Disaster Destroys "Disaster Desert" -

    It was a Friday. It was going to SERIOUSLY get loud. No, not by loud music, but by a strong, and loud earthquake! It was totally not expected, so every habitant living on the island fled to safety. Houses were collapsing. Trees were tumbling.  There were helicopters ready to rescue everybody.  Unfortunately, Ann, a 9 year old girl, was trapped in a 3-story house. The exit was blocked off by rubble of the completely crushed roof. It was starting to collapse, and the poor girl screamed for help! It seemed as if every other person already left, especially her parents, or either no one could hear her. 😓🔊

- 3. The search for survival -

    A few minutes after, the earthquake ended. Ann was finally safe, but soon she saw no one was on the abandoned island anymore. Carefully, she tip-toed down the wrecked house by the broken stairs. When she was out, she couldn't believe what she saw. Debris from buildings everywhere, and smoke. Ann coughed, with dust and dirt all over her, and decided to find other survivors. 👀

- 4. Earthquakes are no fun -

    Ann remembered when she was young, she'd usually think how it was like to be in a earthquake, since she'd never been in a earthquake before. The girl would use to say how a earthquake seems fun, since it feels like you're jumping on a huge trampoline. Now, Ann had a hugely different perspective of that. She walked right next to the road, and was checking every destroyed house. But Ann didn't find anyone. She thought that hope has given up, but she didn't stop. 🚶‍♀️⬅⬅

- 5. Hello, my name is『Floof!  -

    While she was still wandering around the deserted island, she found something moving. It was... a puppy?! Ann wondered why a little dog would be here. Poor puppy, Ann thought. The dog was light brown, and small. So she decided that she could bring the pup with her when she'd get rescued. After walking for hours, it was getting dark. Suddenly, Ann remembered the adventure moves she watched. One of them was a man trapped in a island, and building a raft to survive. So the little girl decided that she could do that... tomorrow. Before she fell asleep, she decided to name her newfound pup. I'll name you... Floof, because you are fluffy, Ann exclaimed. Soon after, she fell asleep on the ground, with Floof cuddling with her. 💤🐕

- 6. Just my luck! - 

    After waking up, Ann knew it was time to get to work. She also realized that Floof was gone! She forgot about work and immediately searched for her puppy. The girl followed the paw prints of her pup and finally found him after a few minutes. She was worried that she'd lose her new pet. She walked up to Floof, and she saw that the he found food! Ann and her companion was lucky that they found food, since both of them haven't eaten for almost a day. They now have 2 apples, 1 banana, a can of "Doggo Foodo", and a half-full bottle of water. The young girl decided that they should eat while building the raft. The two friends had a lot of time, since it was only morning. 🍎🥤🍌🧫

- 7. Teamwork - 

    After eating their meal, Ann and her little pet started working. The dog would bring small pieces of wood for the raft, and the girl would tape them together. Soon, Ann thought that tape wasn't strong enough, so she thought nails would do the trick. But... they didn't have nails. Thinking hard, Ann remembered that she could use twigs. She knew that because she once did the same thing in her school. Nearly seconds after, Floof had collected a lot of sticks while Ann was thinking. Never underestimate a dog, even a pup. As a reward, the girl gave her pup some treats from the "Doggo Foodo" can. After putting all the sticks and the planks together, Ann thought that they were done. 🪓

- 8. Safety First - 

    Before sailing in the sea, Ann placed the puppy on the raft. Their boat didn't break. Now she placed herself on the raft. It still didn't break. Now that they tested it was ready and strong, Ann thought about how long sailing in the sea might be. She would always dream of sailing, even thinking of becoming a sailor. But she'd be sailing a yacht in her dreams, not a wood raft. That changed everything. This was their only chance, so they'd have to sail, no matter what. The little dog was already on the raft, ready to sail and go on a big adventure. Ann said that they needed to get ready. She grabbed the food, which now only had one apple, a half-eaten banana, a nearly finished water bottle, and some "Doggo Foodo" biscuits. NOW, they were ready. ⛵🛶

- 9. Off we go! -

    The two friends were now sailing in the sea, slowly going farther away from Capacul Island, otherwise known as "Disaster Island", which is soon going down history. Time felt like it was going on ten times slower speed if you're on the sea. An hour later, which felt like 10 days, Floof fell asleep, and Ann was looking all around the sea to see if there was any place to stop for a moment. Soon after, she saw something pointy. It was a flag! This must be the flag of a pirate ship, Ann thought. Most likely it wasn't a pirate ship, but Ann liked pirate movies. So the girl put her arms in the water and used it like a paddle. Before they even knew, Ann and her sleepy pet were right next to a ship fifty times bigger than their raft. 🚢⚓

- 10. Pirates aren't real -a

    Ann and her puppy, finally awake, climbs on the ship. They were lucky because before they knew it, their raft shattered, but Ann had taken all the food already. The raft wasn't strong enough, Ann thought. So now they were stuck on a pirate ship. It was huge though, it probably could fit a whale! So Ann and her pup decided to look around. There must be treasure around here, or even real pirates, the little girl thought. So Ann decided to look around even faster, while Floof was catching up to her. 🚢🏴‍☠️

- 11. Loot?  -

    As Ann looked at the sea, she saw Capacul island sinking. Seemed as if she was right to make a raft and get out of there. Ann knew that no one was at the island. The girl starts looking again. She barely missed a staircase that leads to the lower floor of the ship. Ann grabbed her pup and walked down the stairs. Her shoes were starting to get wet, as if she had been dirty already. Then she saw (and felt) that the bottom floor was a bit flooded by seawater. So Ann immediately thought to go back up the stairs, and then go to the steering wheel that directs the ship. 🌊🚢

- 12. Next Destination: Nowhere - 

    Ann found the steering wheel for the ship. It was very rusted, and felt like it was glued to the floor. She tried to move it, but one handle broke with the most gentle touch. It could still be working, though. So Ann tried moving it, but it wouldn't budge. Seems as if this ship was stuck for ages if this... wheel thing can't move, Ann thought. Now, it seemed as if the girl and Floof were trapped. They sat on the bumpy harsh wood floor and thought how they can get out. There is a little raft... in pieces, and there's a ship... which can't be steered, This is a problem, Ann thought.  🤔💭

- 13. Ann the Almighty Adventurous Adventurer and Floof the Fluffy Friendly Funny Fun Friend has come to an end - 

    Ann finally stood up, after thinking for 5 minutes straight. It seems as if they were trapped on a ship. Floof stood up too, and went to do his.. uhh... his smelly business. There was nowhere else to go, Ann knew that. The ship was stuck, their raft was broken, and they almost ran out of food. Floof finished his 💩 business, and came back to his owner. The girl started to become worried about how her and her puppy could escape from this wrecked ship. It seemed as if all hope was lost. No one would surely hear or see Ann and her pup. Floof started to whine and cuddle with Ann. She hugged her dog and sat on the bumpy floor of the ship filled with broken planks and holes. It was a 50/50. How could they get out of this mess?😔🐕

- 14. Another seriously expectable ending -

`Wow, some magical fairies appear out of nowhere and sprinkle the pixie dust on the two friends and they fly home! The end! No, that's not how it ends. This isn't Disney. Remember? Ann and her pet was stuck on a ship nowhere to go. What a sad ending! Well, since it is possibly illegal to end a story with a sad ending, it will be a cliff-hanger! Stay tuned for the next chapter of "Ann and the Disaster on Capacul Island"! 🗻