September 27, 2021

    The Island of Words was a extraordinary island due to it's uniqueness and surprises. You can visit it for free, so grab a ticket and go!

    On the island, it has a strange yet original store where you can buy words such as adjectives, nouns, and much more! Words that you've bought can be used to make sentences... and you can sell sentences for more words. There is also a very old woman who you can talk to. Just say any word, and the woman will make the word become reality. You could say "Coconut", the old woman will repeat your word, and then a coconut will appear. 

    Another location visitors really like is the statue of two kids, named Jeanne and Thomas. These kids discovered the island of words. which lead to them becoming well-known. You can visit Mr. Henri, too. He can give you a quick history lesson about the island and every location on it. Mr. Henri lives on the island, so he knows his way around really good. 

    There's also a souvenir shop, where you can buy treasure, more words, and... expired milk... anyways...

    Make sure to visit the Island of Words now! It's an adventure you'll never forget!