July 10, 2021


Once upon a time, in 1964, people were enjoying the view of Central Park. After a few weeks, a man found a egg on the ground. He brought the egg to his home, and placed it next to his window. It was a large egg for it to be a bird egg,

Some days later, the egg hatched in the middle of the night. The man who found the egg didn't see what came out of the egg. What came out though... was a dragon! Since no one was there to see the miracle, the small dragon flew to the Belvedere castle, and stayed there for years. After many centuries, the old dragon randomly disappeared. No one didn't notice, or have any clue about what happened, since the dragon was never seen in daylight. But, no one knew what was going to happen next...


One day, there was a family of birds who lived on a tree, near a lake as their home. They had a egg, getting ready to hatch soon. Since it was near winter, there wasn't enough food for the entire family of birds. Each day, it got more frigid and colder. The food supply was running out fast. The family of birds then decided to talk to the wise old turtle who lived near a rock next to the pond.

"Oh, food is running out! What should we do? We do not want to starve." said the birds.

The old turtle replied: "Get some berries from the bushes and try get some crumbs to eat."

The birds thanked the helpful turtle and they flew away, in search for food. After hours later, stocking and gathering food, the birds brought all they found and put their goods in their nest.

"I think this is all we need until winter ends." said the father bird.

"Yes... let's eat." said the mother bird.

After their feast, they went to their nest to sleep as it was late. As they got comfy, their egg fell out of their nest. Fortunately, the egg landed on a bush near the pond, but it cracked...


The egg cracked, revealing a little beak of a chick in the egg. He didn't know where his nest was, or who his family was!

As the young bird scouts around the pond looking for his family, the wise old turtle saw the newborn bird, and he asks where the bird is going.

"I don't know... I'm looking for my family. Do you know them?" replied the young bird.

"Hmm.. I do know a family of birds, but I do not know where they live." says the turtle.

"Well then how will I find my family?"

"You should look for them. I cannot go with you since I am not as fast as you."

"Oh... okay." the bird murmured.

"I wish you luck, young bird." the turtle said as he crawled back into the bond.


As the baby bird was snooping his way around the park, he didn't know he was getting near the castle each minute. 

"I hope I find them..." thought the bird himself.

After a few minutes he found a huge stone bridge, filled with only a small amount of visitors. It lead to a large place unknown. 

"What's that big place? Wait... It's probably where my family is!" thought the little bird.

The bridge itself was so long already that the bird was starting to get tired. He rested for a while, but fell asleep. After waking up 20 minutes later, he saw himself surrounded by people. He saw so much people, he even forgot where he was. The small bird tweeted for help, since the bird was lost. Suddenly, the old turtle arrived, and took the lost bird to a rock. 

"What are you doing here?" questioned the old turtle.

"Well, still looking for my parents..." the bird responded.

"You are one determined bird. Right now you are at the castle." the turtle said.

"The castle?" asked the bird.

"Yes, the castle. Probably that place is where your parents live. You better hurry though, because if not, morning will strike and it will be hard to find your parents as they might look for you all around the park." replied the turtle.

"Yeah... probably. Thanks for the help anyways." responded the bird.

As the bird continued on his search for his parents, his family were still asleep, unaware of what is going on. Yet the bird knew that he had to find his parents before morning, or else he could never find his parents ever again...


After the encounter with the wise old turtle, the bird finally found the exit and left the bridge. Right before his eyes was the castle.

"I found it... I found it! Probably my parents are here!" the bird chirped. 

As the bird walked his way to the castle, a man was reading the newspaper. The bird didn't see the newspaper.                                                                                                                                                              

"Wait, I might try to fly. That will make me travel faster..." the bird thought.

As the little bird flapped his wings hard, he could finally fly!

The little bird was a quick learner, since he was flying non-stop. Even though the wind was strong, the bird didn't stop. He was so close! What was strange though was that the wind kept on getting stronger and stronger... As the bird tirelessly flew closer to the castle, he stopped since his little wings couldn't keep up anymore. The bird walked slowly, and his last obstacle to the castle was...


The bird was so close, he didn't think of what he was facing. 

"Come on!" the bird exclaimed.

And then... vroom! A car drove by and made the frightened little bird fall to the ground. It wasn't ground though... 

"I'm on a road!" the bird tweeted out of surprise.

As soon as the bird realized that, he knew he had to escape this horrific nightmare. The bird tried to fly but he was all out of energy so he ran as fast as he could. Vroom! There were a bundle of cars and motorcycles, almost all of them heading to W 105 Street. Suddenly a huge truck came to the direction of the bird!

"AHH!" the bird chirped out of fear.

Fortunately, the truck went right above the little bird. 

"That was a close one!" the bird exclaimed.

"I wish I was already at home!" the bird thought in his mind. 

But just as the bird was beginning to be too relieved, a motorcycle was heading towards the bird behind him! The bird didn't notice until the last second... it was too late, or was it?


"Huh? I'm still alive?" the bird thought.

"Yes." a mysterious voice muttered.

"What? Who said that?" the bird questioned.

A few moments passed after the awkward silence between the bird and the mysterious voice.

"Does not matter. What matters right now is why are you here?" the voice said.

"I.. I was here to go to the castle to find my family- wait..." the bird didn't finished his sentence.

The bird suddenly realized that he could see the roof of buildings and the wind whooshing next to him.

"Are we in the sky?" the bird questioned.

"Yes... but why are you here?" the voice replied.

"To the castle to see if my parents are there... but who are you?" the bird asked.

"Oh? The castle... then you should know me." 

"I don't..?" the bird confusingly responded.

"You are a silly bird. I am the dragon." the voice replied.


"A dragon? That's impossible-" the bird stopped talking for a moment.

The bird looks down and sees a creature as big as a car, with a long tail. He then realized that:

"You are a dragon! That's cool!" 

"Yes, but it is very... lonely." 

"What? Why? It must be so cool to fly around, and see everything from above!"

"That's not my point. It's just that I want to make friends but no one wants to be friends with me. Everyone thinks that I am just a monster." the dragon sighed sadly.

"Oh... don't be sad dragon. I'll be your friend!" the bird cheerfully replied.

"R-really? No one has ever said that to me..." the dragon nervously replied.

"Yes! After all, you are the one who saved me from being crushed to death..." the bird exclaimed.

"Wow, a new friend! But, where are your parents?" the dragon questioned.

"I'm looking for them. That's why I was going to the castle to see if my parents are there." the bird responded.

"I see. I know everyone in the castle, but one thing I know for sure is that your parents do not live there unfortunately." the dragon said.

Suddenly, the bird's hope was crushed.

"So... so all this for nothing? I almost got killed just to go to a random castle?! It's soon going to be morning and my parents are going to be worried sick about me!" the bird shouted.

"No, no, no! Don't worry. Since I travel around the park a lot, I'm sure that I can find your home before morning soon." the dragon insisted.

"Are you sure?" the bird asked.

"Yes I am. Just hold on tight!" the dragon warned.

As the friends whooshed around the park, they could see the whole park below them. Since the dragon knew the entire park by heart, the bird and the dragon saw a nest on a tree near the pond.

"That must be my home!" the bird thought.

The dragon slowly landed next to the tree, and let the bird go to his nest.

"Wow, thanks so much! Now I'm back with my family!" the bird chirped happily.

"Anytime. Now you should get some rest. Surely it must've been a busy journey for you." the dragon told the bird.

As the bird went to rest, the dragon flew away to the castle, being seen by no one.


As soon as the bird went to sleep, his family woke up. 

"Hey look,  the egg hatched in the middle of the night..."

"Shh, he's still sleeping."

"Oh. Okay."

And just as they said that, the bird woke up from the noise of people talking and cars honking.

"Wow, that was the most epic adventure..." the bird said.

After, the bird was relieved that he was back home.

"Home... finally I'm home." the bird chirped happily.

"Of course you are! You silly bird." the mother bird exclaimed.

"Easy for her to say.." the small bird said.

"I remember that I was on a dragon flying high up in the sky near the castle!" the bird said.

"Well that must've been a wonderful dream."

"It wasn't a dream though, I was really on the dragon!

"You got a big room for imagination!"

"But... oh, why should I even try?" the bird stuttered. 

Soon it became night. And when it is always night, the dragon came to visit the bird's family. This was unknown to the bird's family, not the bird.

"Look, there's the dragon I was talking about!" the bird exclaimed.


"Wha-" the mother bird fainted in shock.

"I told you guys! I was friends with a real dragon" the bird said.

"Please don't be afraid, I won't hurt you."

The mother bird woke up and regained consciousness.

"It- It's a dragon!" the mother bird shrieked.

"Yes. I am the dragon of Central Park. A lot of people know me."

"So... you won't hurt us?" the father shyly replied.

"No, of course not. Your bird wanted to become friends with me. He's a very nice friend! I do not know how to repay you guys though... I wish I knew."

"Well.. we do need food. It will soon be Winter, and we still don't have food storage for 1 month! 

"Oh? Well..." the dragon murmured

"What..?" the young bird questioned.

"About that situation, I can do something that might help you guys." the dragon responded.

"Really? Like what? There isn't a lot of food nearby anymore." the parents said.

"Yes. I know a lot of people do picnics near the castle. We can go there tomorrow night though."

"Yeah.. it's late. Well, goodnight guys. See you tomorrow dragon!" the small bird said.

And so the dragon flies away.

"I'm still terrified." the mother bird said quietly.

"Uhm... yeah." the father bird mumbled.


As said form yesterday night, the dragon came back the next night.

"Okay, so I'll go to where the food can be found. When I'm done, I'll give the food to you guys."

"That seems like a easy plan."

"That's because it is. I'll be back in about a few minutes. The castle is not far away from here."

"Okay." the family of birds said.

As the dragon flew off to the castle, the birds waited.

They waited for 2 minutes. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. Soon after, all of them fell asleep. 

In a week it would be Winter. All of the birds were hoping that the dragon would bring enough food for at least 1 month. That's all they wished for.

After 30 minutes, the dragon flew to the bird's nest, quietly and slowly. He dropped the food off from his mouth into the nest.

"This should be enough food for them throughout the Winter." the dragon thought.

After that, the dragon flew back to his home, which was the castle.

When morning has come, the birds woke up to a surprise.

"Wow! Mom, dad, wake up!" the young bird exclaimed happily.

"What..?" the parents said tirelessly. 

"Look at all of this food the dragon gave us!" the small bird said.

"Wow, that's a lot of food supply!" the parents exclaimed.

"It might be a handful for a human, but it's a feast for us birds!" the small bird said.

"Thank you dragon!" the whole family tweeted happily. 


When it became winter, the birds went into a hole in the tree. They were nice and warm inside. It seemed as if all of the problems of the family of birds have been solved. That's true, but the small bird knew something was wrong. 

"I haven't seen the dragon for a few days now. Mom, dad, do you know where he is?" the small bird questioned.

"Sorry, I didn't see the dragon for a while either." the dad responded.

"Oh... I hope he's okay. The weather this Winter is harsh." the young bird worried.

"Don't worry, he will be okay." the mother said.

"... Okay." the small bird said.

As the parents were having dinner, the young bird looked out of the hole. 

"I wonder where he is right now. I'll remember you dragon." the bird thought.

The parents said that it was about time to eat, so the small bird joined in and ate dinner.

Outside the hole, it was snowing. Not a lot of people were outside since the lakes were frozen solid. If some people were out there, they would be seen sliding down snowy hills. In the Belvedere castle, there were very few tourists taking beautiful photos of the castle covered in snow. A tourist took a photo of the entrance to the castle. It showed a dragon, made of stone. That was where the dragon lived during day. Every night, he would visit the birds. Since it was Winter, he had to stay at his home. The dragon hoped that the bird family would remember him, though.

As the dragon wished, the family of birds would always remember the kind dragon and his kinds actions. Once Winter finished, the dragon would always come back to the bird family each day. The dragon loved the birds, and the birds loved the dragon. That's the story of how a baby bird met Central Park's Mystery Dragon.