February 19, 2021

Once, there was a boy named Jesse. He was 10 years old and loved to play around, but most of all he loved cherries. His parents once said "We'll be going to your Uncle's farm." As they went, he saw a cherries field, and when they arrived, he realized that the cherry farm belonged to his Uncle! He was so happy to have this field, he ate the cherries every day. Jesse loves the core of the cherries, so juicy, and so tasty. But, there were other predators that loved these cherries. Sparrows also loved these candy- like berries. A few days later, Jesse realized that some berries had holes out of them, or were eaten. He didn't like that, and the same thing kept on happening again. He grew more furious every day, because of these days. One day, he had enough of it. He threw rocks at the sparrows, if some sparrows where knocked out, or either stunned, he would finish them off. After, he declared war on insects, because bugs were infesting his uncle's home. Everywhere  he'd look around his home, he would see a worm, or any type of bug. There were so many bugs, they started to practically duplicate, and soon it became a serious problem. The bugs were eating the fields, pretty much every type of food supply. Jesse's family suffered conditions, it was very hard for them to find food, and some days they just starved.