March 17, 2021


By : Feng Meng Lung

    During daytime, there was an old, homeless stranger. He was poor, and he begged for money each day. "Oh, I wish a miracle could happen!" he said one day. Then, suddenly, one of his old friends recognized each other, and the man's old friend said "Do you need money, my dear friend?" The homeless man said he dreaded for money. "Oh, then why didn't you say so?" the old friend replied. He left for a moment, and he grabbed a brick. He turned it into gold with his finger. The homeless man said he wanted more. And so, his old friend, once again, turned something else to gold. This time, it was a statue of a lion. The old man said, "This is a lot, but... there is one more thing I desire." The friend of the old man waited for his answer, and the homeless man exclaimed, " GIVE ME YOUR FINGER!"

    Moral : Never let greed take control of you, even if you desire something.