March 17, 2021

The Generous Idiot


     Once upon a time, there was a faher with three sons. The first two sons were intelligent, but the last son was dumb. Everytime the kid talks, he makes a mistake. Everytime he uses a tool, he does something wrong. One day, the father says to his sons that they are mature enough to start a business. He gives each of his sons 100 dollars to start their own business. The first son bought wood to build a stand. The second bought supplies and fur. The third one bought... nothing yet. The third son wandered around the village infested by rats, and then he sees a group of kids, ready to drown a cat. The son says to not do that, and he gives the group of kids $100 to satisfy the group, and the group gives the cat to the son. Meanwhile, the sons meet in their home. The two sons teased the dumb son just because he saved a cat and wasted his $100. They now get ready to sell their expensive fur. They wait all day for customers, but no one bought their fur. The sons then realise that the mouses were infesting in their stand and nibbling on the expensive fur, which is making holes on them. The two sons try to shoo them away, but they already infested in their stand. Lukily, the third clueless son let go of the cat, and the cat ate the mouses. The cat was like a terminator, eating 10, 30, 60, 100 mouses! The sons were stunned by what the cat could do. The villagers wanted the cat, because their village is infested by mouses, and they keep on eating their food. The third son said that if he wanted to give away the cat, he'd need 3 big bottles filled with gold. When he received the three bottles, he gave 1 to each of his brothers, and the brothers thanked him. The brothers lived happily ever after.

   MORAL : Don't judge someone by how smart they are, but by how they are inside.