March 17, 2021

This is just a summary of the story "Transformation", read it if you want to: Transformation ; Full Story

A boy named Guido, grew up with his father. He didn’t have a mother, or either never seen her.  They lived in Genoa. One day, his father’s friend named Torella said he needed to work tirelessly, so he said to take care of Torella’s daughter until he comes back. Torella’s daughter, Juliet, Guido, and his father was obliged to stay home. Torella returns home, and then Guido’s father dies a few days after. Now, Torella needs to take care of his daughter, and Guido, as if he was his son, or they wouldn’t have any parents. Since Guido was the son of his passed away father, he took control of the family’s fortune, though, he was uncontrollable as when he was a kid. He thought of spending money recklessly, and also intends to marry Juliet. He travels to Paris to spend the family fortune, and returns home poor. Torella, now says he can’t marry Juliet because they’re broke. Torella offers a deal, he gives a fortune to Guido, and leave his daughter alone. Guido disagreed on the deal, and left Genoa. Sometimes, he would return and Guido attempted to abduct, or in other words kidnap Juliet. The first time failed, so he tried a second time, but the conditions went worse. He was banished from Genoa, and never to return again. He was now poor, with no wealth, and he couldn’t return to his home ever again. Later on that day, he came across a strange humanoid creature, sitting atop on treasure. This strange creature looked like a odd human, and it replied “If so, you are poor, I’ll give you this treasure chest, but we have to exchange bodies for three days, if you want it.” Guido didn’t think about this, so he replied a yes, without any care. The creature began the ritual and shared their blood with each other. Guido was in the creature’s body, and the creature was in Guido’s body. From that day, Guido has regret what he has done to himself. Who knows what the impostor will do? His greediness has taken control of him, and he has thought of how stubborn he is to fall into a foolish trap. Three days past, but the strange humanoid, as Guido, didn’t come back. Guido knew he fell for a foolish trap. He sneaked into Genoa, and he found Guido, who was actually the odd creature, near Juliet. They were going to marry each other. The real Guido couldn’t stand this. He burst in and attacked “Guido” with his sword and the monster was wounded, fatally. Guido found himself back to his own body too, he also has a wound, luckily not severely. At the end, he got healed, and married Juliet, by Torella’s permission because of his bravery and kindness. Though, he still feared about that day, when he agreed to exchange bodies. But now that passed, and they lived happily ever after.