August 27, 2021

 (Disclamer: I know this is a bit too early, but why not?)

A Jolly Christmas Eve!

     Once upon a time in Christmas Eve, there was a old man who knew nothing about joy in Christmas. He never did any good deeds in his life, and just wanted money. He'd be rude to other people, and never gave anything in his life, and instead he takes. He thought money could solve anything, but one day, his fortune was stolen. He now lived in the streets, having no place to live. He begged for money, but no one helped him, as they knew he was the rude old man. After many days, without any food or money, he then saw a poor family walk up to him. They said Merry Christmas, and said to come to their house to celebrate. The old man accepted the offer, but didn't understand why they were so nice to him. He didn't even give anything to the family, and the family didn't care about his rudeness. As he entered their home, he saw everything old and in bad condition, but he could start to feel the joy of Christmas. He sat on the table, and saw a stuffed turkey right in front of him. Everyone sits around the table, and says their blessings and their wishes. "We wish to have a happy Christmas, filled with joy and love, and may everyone in this world feel love, have a shelter, and food, Amen." Everyone started feasting, and then the old man started to know what Christmas really meant. It's not about the gifts you get, it's about what you give to other people. After that day, the old started giving what he can, and people returned the favor. Now, the family and the old man can spend a jolly Christmas Eve together!

              🎄 Early Merry Christmas! 🎄