August 27, 2021


(Disclamer: This is Fictional)

Sometimes there is Finland

By Hernan Casciari (Summarized by H.M)
   This is the story of how Hernan Casciari almost killed his niece. 

    One day, I heard that the newspaper ask me if I wanted to publish my book and put it in their newspaper as a header. Of course, I ran to my car, and I drove back, but then I heard a thump.

 I look behind my car, and I hear screaming from the house, "He ran her over!" coming from his family. At this moment, I knew that I just did something huge.. something bad. I started to hesitate, not coming out of the car, seeing what I've done. I'm a monster... I killed my young niece! Everyone was coming to me, staring at me with deadly ferocious eyes. I wish I could flee to Finland, get a new profile, have a different life, but the guilt will still follow me. I wish the father of my niece would just beat me to death, and then I can be reborn as someone else, and forget about everything I just witnessed and did. When I finally got out of the car, I started hearing my niece's voice, shouting "Tio, Tio!" I thought I was hallucinating, but then I saw my niece running up to me. and then, I felt her arms tight around me. I looked behind the car, it was just a trunk which fell, and my niece was alive. I was so relieved, and petrified at the same time. I forgot every negative thought, and I just went with life. Sometimes, I still feel some guilt for almost killing my own niece, but she was lucky that she survived. Sometimes, there are some mistakes, but there is also Finland.